Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Atomx is deeply committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users

Accordingly, we strictly adhere to all industry guidelines, and will continue to review and improve our privacy policy and procedures to ensure the safety and protection of consumer information. This Privacy Statement presents our privacy policy, including Atomx' privacy practices for our web site. Below is information regarding Atomx' commitment to protecting the privacy of Internet users.

What information does Atomx collect?

Atomx allows clients to collect and use platform data to better target ads. It uses cookies and IP locating technology. With the help of this information, users will see advertisements customized to their country, device, browser and OS. Atomx does not collect data that directly identifies an individual by name, address, phone number or email address. The goal of this data collection is simple: bringing the right ad to the right user. Both parties benefit.

How is Atomx handling this Information?

We use such information collected via the Ad Exchange to provide it to our buyside clients. Our platform enables them to collect and use this data to buy impressions optimized towards the needs of advertisers’ campaigns – making the campaigns to better meet their objectives. Atomx clients may use the platform data:

  • for Category-based advertising
  • to limit the amount of impressions per user per day
  • to show particular ads to particular locations
  • to place offers related to the content of the web page on which they are shown
  • to determine how users respond to an ad

With the help of Atomx‘ reports buyers learn about the effectiveness of their online ads. Our Exchange uses platform data for cross-device mapping in order to serve or measure ads on related devices on behalf of our clients. But let’s point it out again: Atomx does not collect data that directly identifies an individual by name, address, phone number or email address. Atomx may provide, or enable others to collect, information for purposes of protecting the safety and security of our ecosystem. That includes the detection of malicious activity and fraudulent traffic patterns.

IPs and User IDs

Atomx anonymizes IPs before storing them into logs making it impossible to get the original IP back. User IDs are never stored anywhere and will be gone once a user deletes their cookies.


Like most Internet sites, Atomx and its third party ad serving party uses "cookies" to enhance the Internet user's experience on the Web. Neither Atomx nor such third party ad serving party uses these cookies to personally identify you in any way, and these cookies in no way damage your system or files.

What are cookies and how do they enhance your Web experience?

A cookie is a unique number that is assigned to you the first time you are served an ad. This number is stored in a file on your computer. For instance, cookies help ensure that you don't repeatedly see the same ad. Cookies can also help advertisers measure how you utilize an advertiser's site and the effectiveness of an ad. This information can then be used by advertisers to better cater to your needs. In other words, cookies help us deliver to you the types of ads in which you are more interested.

Although we believe that cookies help enhance your experience on the Web (by not repeatedly serving the same ads to you but delivering more relevant messages), neither Atomx nor its third party ad serving party needs cookies to deliver ads to you.

Opt Out Cookies

If you do not want the benefits of cookies, there is a simple procedure that allows you to deny or accept this feature. In order to "opt out" of the benefits of cookies, you may either manually delete your cookies by following the instructions contained in the Help section of your browser, or you may click here to prevent our cookies from being stored on your browser.

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