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Atomx is an innovative technology-driven startup in today's quickly evolving advertising landscape

Atomx Facts

Atomx is a young and innovative online advertising technology startup that is building one of the most anticipated global online advertising exchanges in the world.

Our technology provides an online marketplace that enables advertisers, publishers and intermediaries to transact billions of ad impressions per day.

Our office is located in The Gardens, Mid Valley City, KL, Malaysia, where our team is working on the newest innovative online advertising technology.

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How it all began

A bunch of ad network veterans saw a gap in the ad tech market, and started brainstorming on a new, better, more open media exchange.


Atomx's first steps

Plans were made, a team gathered, and we started on our big task: to create a media exchange which would fulfill all advertisers' and publishers' needs.


First beta version

The first beta version was developed and a couple of our most trusted partners were able to test on Atomx and give us their feedback.


After a couple months of testing with some big ups and downs, we were monetizing over 100 million impressions per day!

dmexco '15

That's where we officially announced Atomx to the public. With our own booth and a massive number of appointments, we hope to get everyone started as soon as possible.


ASW '16

Affiliate Summit West 2016 was our second expo, where we met existing clients at our booth and demo-ed the platform to potential new clients.

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